Vladimir Putin: discover the amount of his immense fortune revealed by a journalistic investigation!

While the state of health of Vladimir Putin still challenges as much, rumors concerning his personal fortune had recently made the headlines. Know that the salary paid by the Russian state to the president is currently 11,000 euros per month. A sum certainly substantial but which would be far from reality. The one who had been engaged in a war of attrition against Ukraine for several months now would be much richer than he claims and an e-mail address betrayed him. The latter would connect a total of 86 companies belonging to it and which would be in the management of luxury real estate assets.

Vladimir Putin billionaire

The information reported by our colleagues from La Dépêche reported a fortune estimated at 4.3 billion euros. Rumors that are not really likely to be to the taste of Vladimir Putin who had already denied these statements for the first time. He would therefore have investments of money in these companies whose shareholders would have absolutely no connection between them. A very effective trick to cover the tracks. One thing is certain, the e-mails exchanged through this domain name all belong to members of the Russian oligarchy.

The fact that one of Vladimir Putin’s former mistresses is also extremely wealthy. Currently aged 45, Svetlana Krivonogikh is indeed a businesswoman who runs a nightclub located in the center of Leningrad. Sexy and erotic shows being part of the proposed activities, this case would be estimated at 8 million euros per action.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/257199-vladimir-poutine-decouvrez-le-montant-de-son-immense-fortune-revelee-par-une-enquete-journalistique