Vladimir Putin: this latest public outing raises questions about his state of health

Is the Russian President sick? Since the start of the invasion in Ukraine, rumors have swirled about the health of the Russian leader. Russian oligarchs say he is seriously ill. Cancer, brain tumor, parkinson’s disease? Several diseases are mentioned. His last public appearance during the May 9 parade was long watched. At one point, some people think they see the Russian president limping.

Throughout the parade, Vladimir Putin carries a blanket on his knees, while the temperatures were not particularly cold in Moscow on Monday.

According to the Express, two recent changes at Putin could indicate that the Russian leader is ill.

In recent appearances, President Putin has appeared noticeably more puffy around his face and neck. The Telegraph suggests it could be because ‘he may be on steroids’. Earlier, in November 2020, the Kremlin had to edit footage of the 69-year-old as he suddenly had a severe coughing fit on state television.

During recent state visits by foreign leaders, President Putin has been photographed sitting across from his guests at a ridiculously long table.


When French President Emmanuel Macron visited Moscow, shortly before the announcement of the invasion, the two men were seated 5 meters apart. The Kremlin then claimed that Mr Macron’s refusal to take a Covid test had forced President Putin to sit at such a long distance.

The expert Chris Parry, relayed by the newspaper l’Express, evokes the hypothesis that the Russian leader is following a treatment weakening his immunity: “He uses these very long tables to interview people. I think his immune system might be compromised right now from taking medication or possible chemotherapy.”

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/vladimir-poutine-cette-derniere-sortie-publique-souleve-des-questions-sur-son-etat-de-sante-1375424.aspx