Vladimir Putin unfaithful and violent? Why his wife Lioudmila filed for divorce

Lyudmila Putina reportedly accused her ex-husband Vladimir Putin of being violent and a “serial womanizer” shortly after their marriage in 1983.

As rumors multiply about his alleged girlfriend Alina Kabaeva, Vladimir Putin is accused of having been a unfaithful and abusive husband by his ex-wife Lyoudmila Poutina. According to information from Mirrorthe former air hostess, who shared the life of the Russian president from 1983 to 2013, would indeed have declared one day to an agent of the West German intelligence services that her husband was a “serial womanizer“, but also that he was violent, shortly after their marriage in 1983.

Now 64, Lioudmila Putina was married for thirty years to Vladimir Putin. The couple had two daughters, Maria, in April 1985, and Katerina, in August 1986. Despite constant rumors of infidelity, his ex-wife has always claimed, officially, that their divorce was due to the overloaded schedule of the Russian head of state. “Our marriage is over, because we barely see each other“, had thus declared Lioudmila Putina. Specifying: “Vladimir is completely immersed in his work.” “Our children have grown up, each living their own life… And I really don’t like advertising“, she also confided.

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Alina Kabaeva pregnant?

For more than fifteen years, Vladimir Putin would have an affair with the former high-level gymnast, Alina Kabaeva. This last turned 39 this Thursday, May 12 and it would seem that the Russian president would have spent his birthday by his side. According to Mirrorthe head of the Kremlin would have indeed taken the plane at the beginning of the week to fly in the direction of Sochi, the Black Sea resort where the athlete would live, according to rumours. The eve of the birthday of ex-sportswoman Vladimir Putin reportedly visited the elite Sirius Education Center in Sochi. Another recent rumor about the alleged couple: Alina Kabaeva would be pregnant. According to several sources at the Russian channel General SVR Telegramthe gymnastics champion is expecting a child. “Putin has discovered that his mistress is pregnant again – and according to appearances, this was not plannedcould we read in the newspaper in the columns of the Sun, May 8th. The Russian channel claimed that the head of the Kremlin would have been “furious” learning about the pregnancy of Alina Kabaeva. According to many media, the Russian president and the ex-gymnastics champion would have married and already have two boys together.

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