Vladimir Putin: what the relatives of his partner Alina Kabaeva ask him to do

Does Alina Kabaeva have the means to end the war in Ukraine? The American Magazine Page Six reveals this March 21 that in the entourage of the former gymnast, supposed companion of Vladimir Putin, voices are raised to ask him to intervene with the master of the Kremlin …

Since several weeks the name of Alina Kabaeva, hitherto little known outside Russian borders, is on everyone’s lips. And for good reason, the young woman, a former gymnast, has been Vladimir Putin’s shadow companion for several years. Since June 6, 2013, the Russian head of state is officially single. That day, he made public his divorce from his wife Lioudmila. After many rumors, their separation had been recorded on national television, during a concert. Since then, the ex-wife of the Russian president has rebuilt her life with the businessman Artur Ocheretny, twenty years his junior.

For his part, the master of the Kremlin has never again shown himself as a couple in public, and it is not because he would not have found love again. Vladimir Putin would indeed be keen to show the Russian people that he is married to his job. In fact, many clues prove that the former member of the KGB has established a relationship with the former star gymnast, 31 years her junior. The couple, who would have formed long before the divorce of Putin and Lyudmila, would also have allowed the president to expand his family. In addition to his two eldest Maria and Ekaterina, born from his first official union3 or 4 children – the sources are divided on this point – would have been born from this new relationship.

Does Alina Kabaeva have any power over Vladimir Putin?

As the war continues in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin would have taken care to protect his people from chaos. It is in Switzerland, several thousand kilometers from Russia, that the gymnast and her children would have found refuge. “While Putin leads his assault on Ukraine, attacking innocent citizens and sparking a refugee crisis, his family is locked up in a very private and very secure chalet somewhere in Switzerland – for now, at least“, confided an informant to the magazine Page Six. Shocking news which had the immediate consequence of seeing the creation of a petition demanding the departure of Alina Kabaeva.

On March 21, the magazine reveals that Alina Kabaeva would now be in a rather uncomfortable position according to a source who confided in Page Six. As she risks to be expelled from the Swiss Confederation, her friends would beg her to go to Moscow to persuade the Kremlin strongman to end the war. “He doesn’t seem to listen to anyone, corn maybe he could listen to her“, declared this source to the American site before adding however: ” Putin is surrounded by circles and circles of security. Alina says she doesn’t know if she can reach it – and even if she does – she does not know if she will be able to go out again to be with their children.Nothing is less certain…

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/vladimir-poutine-ce-que-les-proches-de-sa-compagne-alina-kabaeva-lui-demandent-de-faire-725585