“Walter Mercado looks modern”: Cristian Castro transforms himself into a photo without wrinkles and with voluptuous lips and leaves his fans intrigued if his change is due to a “filter” or surgery | People | Entertainment

The followers of Cristian castro they are used to the singer’s extravagances. However, Verónica Castro’s son surprised his followers again by sharing a photo in which he looks unrecognizable, with a “rejuvenated” appearance that left him wrinkle-free and with voluptuous lips.

At 48 years old, the Mexican artist owns a talent that made him famous with a vocal quality only compared to that of Luis Miguel. And in the midst of his artistic career there are many controversies starring the interpreter of “Azul” and “Lloran las rosas”, due to his private life and his fleeting romances.

From his mother, the beautiful artist who stars in Mexican soap operas, he inherited the great appeal that characterizes him, with an indisputable resemblance to the leading actress.

The photo of Cristian Castro in which he looks rejuvenated and with voluminous lips

Recently, in the Argentine musical contest “Sing with me now”, Cristian Castro surprised everyone with his green dyed hair look and a bright green suede jacket. But, now from his Instagram account, the singer caused a stir due to an image that he posted on his feed with a very different appearance, said People in Spanish.

The artist appears somewhat unrecognizable in the graph, with a more refined nose, without wrinkles, a pronounced chin, and what most attracted attention were his voluminous lips.

“Days with family, friends and rest, the best hug in this beautiful time,” wrote the singer at the bottom of the legend, in a publication in which he limited the comments of his followers, but wanted to make it clear how his Christmas has been .

From the Instagram account of the “El Gordo y La Flaca” program, netizens criticized the singer’s appearance, talking about whether it is a common filter on the networks or the result of cosmetic surgery. More than one was intrigued by the photo of Cristian Castro and his new look.

“It’s Ken, the one from Barbie”, “He better come out of the closet”, “His face no longer holds a scalpel”, “Whatever has been done looks good, whoever wants and can, go ahead”, “Walter Mercado modern”, “The Mexican Walter … above all a lot of love”, “A lot of surgery, it doesn’t even look like Cristian anymore”, wrote some of the followers when they commented on his face. (AND)

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