“Wandering hands”: Patrick Chesnais evokes a “stifled” scandal from his childhood

Patrick Chesnais was the guest of C à Vous this Thursday, February 2. Faced with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the actor made some revelations about his childhood.

Patrick Chesnais apologizes. The 75-year-old actor unveiled a very special book this Thursday, February 2. This is an introspection turned in the form of various letters of apology. In these, he speaks to his son Ferdinand, who died prematurely in 2006, to his relatives but also to his classmates. Guest of the set of C to You, he did not hesitate to make some confidences. “You write a long letter to the Belfont private school in Rouens where you were a student. This one is now destroyed and transformed into an apartment“, first explains Mohamed Bouhafsi before adding: “In your letter, you apologize for having forgotten her a little. Why ?“. To which the principal concerned responds: “I am very far from my childhood so the further away we go the more we tend to forget it even if it is very important.“, begins Patrick Chesnais. However, when he wrote his letters, he returned to the scene and it brought back many memories. “Retracing my steps, I was 12 at the time, something popped up… and that was my childhood“, he continues. A step back which has done the greatest good to Patrick Chesnais.

On the set of C to You, Patrick Chesnais was determined to provide details. “I kinda forgot about my childhood.“, he explained before adding: “It was the teachers, my friends… I even mention their names because I remember them all“. A period that, in a sense, marked him a lot.”Moreover, you mentioned a distance and how certain “dear brothers” had a pedophile appetite“, specifies the columnist before adding: “These are your own words“. According to Patrick Chesnais, the “scandal was very quickly hushed up at the time“, he assures before adding: “But there was pressure from my dear brothers on the young prepubescent students that we were“. The actor then indicates that it was necessary to exercise vigilance on a daily basis. “We had to be careful, take precautions and it was quite complicated“, he remembered before adding: “One day, the police came but there was a moral order that had taken hold and the scandal was far too big to talk about.“. Very unexpected and transparent revelations.

Patrick Chesnais: what unlikely anecdote did he tell?

Patrick Chesnais was determined to confide in his private life and his career. After mentioning his childhood, the actor recalled the day he awkwardly discovered that Naomi Watts spoke French. “A drunk old macho“, he started to qualify during this evening. “There was a minimum of elegance but with a Brazilian comrade who spoke very good French, we let ourselves go“, he remembered before specifying: “We talked about her figure, her charm, her shoulders, her hands, her arms. It was still okay“However, when this discussion ended, Patrick Chesnais was very surprised.”Naomi Watts turns to me and asks me to pass her some bread… “not dry bread, white bread, I prefer“, he says before adding: “It was an extremely elegant way of making me understand that she understood everything and that it had to stop.“.

Source- https://www.closermag.fr/people/des-mains-baladeuses-patrick-chesnais-evoque-un-scandale-etouffe-de-son-enfance-1689502