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Due to the way in which the TV soapsit is inevitable that a production will be error-free of some kind. Rubythe successful melodrama of Televisa Released in 2004, it is no exception.

Despite the careful work of the producer Jose Alberto Castro and his team to revive the history of Ruby Perez Ochoa on the small screen, the production ended up having some slip-ups.

One of them went viral TikTok after a user found it by chance while rewatching the drama, starring Barbara Mori18 years after launch.

Through the social network, @lo4urdesba recently caused a stir by sharing a video of the moment in which he noticed the presence of a cockroach at the wedding of Cristina Pérez and Cayetano Martínez.

They find a cockroach in a soap opera wedding Ruby

In the scene, the protagonist’s sister was going to marry Marco Rivera; however, as she continued to love cajetanthe doctor decided to give her up at the altar so that she could marry the driver.

During this moment, the camera focuses on Luis Gaticawho played Cristina’s lover, and an insect can be seen walking for several seconds on the actor’s shoulder.

A cockroach at the wedding of Cayetano and Cristina”, wrote the Internet user to accompany the clip that caused an immediate furor, accumulating more than 60 thousand likes and hundreds of reactions.

In the comments, users not only expressed their astonishment that they had never noticed the presence of the animal beforebut also made jokes about the slip in the soap opera.

That is why Marco was more convenient for him, Cayetano even brought animals ”one joked. “They see how Rubí was right”Another commented on the villain’s disapproval of the role of Gatica.

A third expressed: “Now I understand why Cristina was crying”; while a fourth stated that the supposed cockroach was actually “an extra actor, who gives him the touch of the neighborhood”.

Luis Gatica played Cayetano in 'Rubí'

Rubí put it on”, “It was Cayetano’s conscience”, “You see? Marco was better.” “I didn’t even realize that” and “That Cayetano with everything and pet got married” were other comments.

There were also those who took the trouble to confirm the veracity of the TikTok video by looking for the original scene. “I went to YouTube just to check that and it’s true.” said one.

Likewise, others agreed that what walked on the actor’s shoulder did not look like a cockroach, but another animal. “I think it’s a spider” Y “I see a spider” were other opinions.