Was Andy Rivera disgusted by Lina Tejeiro?

Andy Rivera and Lina Tejeiro’s relationship has been one of the most notorious in recent years, for its constant comings and goings. Even a few weeks ago, the actress assured in an interview that she published on her YouTube channel that she had tried to return to him, and that this had happened during this year. However, this return did not work.

And it seems that now Lina has decided to give herself a new chance at love, and that is They have been relating her to the influencer Juan José Duquewith whom he has had some flirtatious interactions on social networks.

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For now, the artist has not confirmed the romance, but it seems that her ex, Andy, did take care of it by making a very revealing publication. It is a video on Instagram in which she shows a fragment of a song of spite, which is accompanied by the following message:

“I think that this topic should not come up… I don’t know what will hurt more, to think that we will no longer be with the person we love or to think that he is already in someone else’s arms.”

Of course, the comments have not been long in coming, many assuring that it is a very direct hint for Lina, who, apparently, already has another person in her heart and in her thoughts. And instead, others have claimed that Andy is taking advantage of the situation to promote her music.

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