Was he unfaithful? The forceful message of Jorge Salinas after photos with a nutritionist

They were difficult days for Jorge Salinas since images were revealed where he allegedly kissed Dr. Anna Paula Castillo on the mouth, who supervises him to maintain his ideal weight. The scandal over the alleged infidelity broke out, but according to the gallant, that never happened.

Elizabeth Álvarez’s husband faced the media and sent a strong message:

“I am a person who deeply loves his wife and family. I am sorry that this media issue is on your lips, but I also understand it,” he began quite seriously.

“I have not had and do not have a relationship outside of my marriage, I do not have it and I have never had it,” he reiterated.

“I ask you to please stop this media issue, which is not going to amount to anything. What I have is pure love for my family, respect for my wife and love for Elizabeth. I reiterate again, I do not have an extramarital relationship nor have I ever had one,” said the actor.

These words contradict what the doctor said, who in an interview confirmed that Jorge did kiss her, and that there had even been flirting for a long time, although she had not had contact with him since December.

This scandal occurs a few days after the premiere of the soap opera ‘Forgive our sins’ starring Jorge Salinas, where he plays Armando Quiroga in the production of Lucero Suárez. It premieres on January 30, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. on Las Estrellas, replacing ‘Corona de lágrimas’.

A press conference was held to share details of the soap opera, but that got out of control:

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