“Washing machine”, Fall and “Cashmere at 250 euros”

A few weeks after his heavy accident, Dave gives news of his health, in Paris Match. Her husband Patrick Loiseau, who believed that the singer was “dead”, tells the drama…

The weeks have passed since the heavy fall of Dave, which could have cost him his life. The 77-year-old singer gave his news and recounted his accident, alongside her husband Patrick Loiseauin Paris Match. He remembers it like it was yesterday. Yet it was January 25, around 4 p.m., in their Parisian apartment of 150 square meters. “I still don’t understand why, but Dave had the sudden need to make a machine, to wash jeans“, explained the singer’s husband to the weekly. After recovering his washed clothes, the artist walks down the stairs carrying laundry. At this moment, Patrick Loiseau hears a “thud“. The beginning of a real nightmare.

Dave, “inert”: Her husband thought he was dead

At first I thought it was a plant that had fallen to the ground. I went to the living room anyway. He was there, lying on the ground, inert. I thought he was dead“said the singer’s husband. Distraught, he called a friend, then the guards and the Samu were notified. “Firefighters arrived within fifteen minutes. I had succeeded in pull Dave to the mat and put a pillow under his head. When he groaned, I understood that he lived. But the medical staff took care of cut his clothes before intubating him in the truck“, he detailed.

A cashmere at 250 euros“, cursed Dave, disappointed that his sweater have been sacrificed. “Yes finally… your head hit the groundyou had two broken vertebraeit was the least of things“, replied her husband. When the firefighters take care of the singer who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, Patrick Loiseau cannot accompany them. He is gnawing his blood away.

Dave was in a coma

At the start of the evening, when I contacted the intensive care unit, I was coldly told: ‘Your husband has done two epileptic seizures during his transfer. He fell into the comahis condition is deteriorating, we don’t know yet if we will be able to save him‘”, he recalled. So the 72-year-old lyricist contacts Daniel Auteuil and Marc-Olivier Fogielher husband’s best friends.

The interpreter of Vanina, he hardly remembers his fall. He wakes up in Percy Military Hospital. “I didn’t even know it existed“, he commented to Paris Match.

Four days later, Dave is off the hook. He was transferred to the Invalides hospital and a month later was allowed to return home. Now the singer is much better, but he still has to wear a neck brace and be rigorous in his rehabilitation. Fortunately, joking is allowed!

Source- https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/people/actus/2798737-dave-accident-coma-chute-patrick-loiseau-sante-age-hospitalise/