way in which Epa Colombia kisses a dog generated controversy

Epa Colombia continues to give public opinion something to talk about, now with a publication it made on its official Instagram profile.

Although the scandal between the keratin businesswoman and her former accountant continues, now EPA unleashed a new controversy after a controversial video published on social networks in which he goes out with one of his dogs, called Burbuja, and whom he “kissed”.

What was recorded in the video is that Daneidy Barrera speaks to her dog while raising him and tells him to kiss as if they were in a television production or a soap opera. There, Epa Colombia is seen closing her eyes and kissing the canine, brushing her mouth with the animal’s.

At post, the digital content creator indicated that “We are looking for a girlfriend, my ‘baby’ is hot”.

Faced with this new Epa controversy, many of the followers and users of Instagram rejected this attitude and behavior and attacked her saying that this was already “disgusting”.

“This girl has serious problems”, “The Epa is already out of gas”, “This is already too much greed”, “The truth was over with this video”, were some of the comments on the publication.

The scandal with his former accountant

Yenny Saldarriaga, former accountant of Daneidy Barrera (better known as Epa Colombia), published a short video in which she assured that the country would know the truth about her former employer and how she has handled the accounting of her keratin emporium.

“Strong and great is the one who, knowing that he can do harm, chooses not to do it. Hello, I am Yenny Saldarriaga and soon Colombia will know my truth”, was the message published by the accountant of the content creator and businesswoman.

Shortly after, Barrera herself took it upon herself to respond to Saldarriaga’s words. Although she did not name her directly, she confirmed through her social networks that “a problem is coming” and that there are many people who want to destroy her.

“When you’re so successful, many things happen in your life and I’m going to tell you about a problem that is coming up and it’s going to be strong and they’re going to want to hurt me,” Barrera said.

He also explained that about eight months ago he began the growth of his business with which he barely sold 200 keratins a month.

“I hired a company in Medellín with accountants, lawyers, administrators and human resources, and that company took 2,000 million pesos from me and now they are the same ones who are suing me,” said Barrera.

In addition, he commented that the objective of the company is to “trample it” and make her pay damages when they themselves stole from her.

“They left me with a problem because they didn’t do things right with Dian; I called them myself to tell them that she wanted to do things right. I have nothing to hide friend, I am a real woman and I assume your VAT because I pay everything and that is why I hope you understand me and support me, “she said.

Finally, she assured that she preferred to go out and tell all her followers what could come to light soon, before they heard it from someone else’s mouth.

There is a lot of evil and envy, having money is actually very difficult and being like that in Colombia is difficult, but I want to continue fighting here and, I tell you my friend, they only want to see me defeated and sell the information to the media that are sensationalists, “he concluded.