“We already have another little tamale stand”, very proud, Abigaíl Mancía announces that she has opened another sale

Apparently the most famous tamalera in El Salvador and her family are doing very well, since Abigaíl Mancía recently published that she has a new tamale branch in San Salvador.

In recent months, the popularity of Abigaíl Mancía has been on the rise, this is noticeable in the increase in the number of followers and the scope of each of her movements.

This has caused Mancía to make more of her family’s business, the tamale stand where she began recording videos for TikTok and where the public met her.

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Sunshine just announced that they already have a second place. Her mother also appears in the presentation, who works hard cooking.

Abigail is excited about this new stall selling corn tamales. Illustrative and non-commercial video / https://www.tiktok.com/@sunshine_21_43/video/7094767485383085317?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=es

Abigaíl’s emotion is notorious, she stressed that this new branch will also have “tamalitos, riguas, atol, corn, crazy corn or corn scraps” for its guests.

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“Many congratulations”, “for when a position in San Miguel, for Ricky to take over and help with something, is the only way he could help you”, “much success in your new position”, “congratulations on that other achievement , blessings”, “I want”, “ok, I’ll go see you, let’s see if Cruz doesn’t get angry”, were some of the comments from his followers.

Without a doubt, Aby has won the hearts of her audience with her charisma, the public will continue to pay attention to her every move.