“We are in discussion”: this thorny subject that Matthieu Delormeau must address with his companion

On the Touche set not at my post this Thursday, June 9, Matthieu Delormeau explained that he disagreed with his companion on loyalty. Results ? Lovers have heated discussions.

It’s no secret: Matthieu Delormeau is never the last to confide in his private life. And this Thursday, June 9, the columnist of Touche not at my post once again showed it. While Cyril Hanouna’s team congratulated Chantal Ladesou on her marriage of more than 40 years, Matthieu Delormeau considered it a “another generation” than his, one that “stayed together out of duty”. For his part, the columnist recognizes that he has almost never been faithful as a couple. “If you say to someone, ‘I’m faithful for two years and the third, I’m not anymore’, it means that you like the third year less.continued the host of TPMP People. Me, I’m honest from the start.”

“I don’t believe in fidelity, I don’t believe in being physically with the same person”explained Matthieu Delormeau, causing the shock of his colleagues, not really in agreement with his vision of love and the couple. “You have to get the guilt out of your head”, he continued, before being questioned by Cyril Hanouna about his current couple. And if Matthieu Delormeau is therefore rather a follower of the free couple, this is not the case of his companion. “He does not agree with this principle, he acknowledged. There, we are in discussion because we have to talk. (…) During the discussion, as I am not lying, it is suspensive with a deadline, an ultimatum.” And Matthieu Delormeau is ready for anything.

Matthieu Delormeau: who is his companion?

On the plateau of Touche not at my post, he indeed explained that if his companion did not accept his rules, he was quite capable of ending their idyll. “Once you are sure of your daily life with the person, that you know it is her, that you will move forward with her, the rest is physical, it is plastic”, added the columnist. And if Matthieu Delormeau has never revealed the identity of the man who has shared his life for several months now, he has given several information about his companion. “He works for the cinema, he is shooting for a month and a half”, he revealed last April on the Touche set not at my post before explaining that he had met him “in an extremely classic way (…) in a gay club”.