“We are not at Club Med”: the rigidity of Elisabeth Borne, an asset?

On May 16, Elisabeth Borne was appointed Prime Minister by Emmanuel Macron. The second woman engaged at the head of the government, shows rigidity according to sources close to the Élysée. Advantage or defect?

Appointed by Emmanuel Macron on May 16 as head of government, Elisabeth Borne has a reputation for not being pushed around. In April 2021Opinion painted a portrait of the now Prime Minister, the second woman to take up this position since 1991: “She gets angry, she can scream when reality spirals out of her controla state that clashes with its displayed placidity”, it was written. Workaholic, the former Minister of Labor impresses her colleagues, according to information from the Worldalthough it is not not a joke. And the same source adds: “OHe is not at ‘Club Med’.”

Far from closing her eyes, “competitor” by Catherine Vautrin is aware of the image it projects: “I am very committed to what I do, because the stakes are highshe confessed to Opinion. I can get carried away, but three minutes later I’m laughing.” The 61-year-old politician, who now has to deal with an embarrassing affair in his government, also has a reputation for “burn out your co-workers” according to Paris Match.

⋙ Élisabeth Borne “rigid”, “not nice” … At Emmanuel Macron, tongues are loosened

I’m tired of working with idiots

Between April 2014 and May 2015, while she was still chief of staff to Ségolène Royal at the Ministry of EcologyElisabeth Borne would have pushed her advisers to the limit during a stay in New York : “I’m tired of working with idiots“, she would have chanted according to a source present. “One of them confirms and remembers seeing her yelling at an adviser until he was crying”according to the revelations of the magazine.

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