“We are very happy”: engagement at Wollnys

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“We are very happy”: engagement at Wollnys
Engagement rumors about Lavinia Wollny and Tim Katzenbauer – fans claim the couple secretly got engaged © Instagram.com/lavinia-wollny & instagram.com/wollnysilvia

One highlight follows the next at the Wollnys. First Lavinia Wollny announces the birth of her baby, and now another surprise follows. As Silvia Wollny now announces, the next Wollny wedding is coming up.

Heinsberg – The Wollnys have big news again. After Lavinia Wollny and her mother Silvia Wollny announced the birth of their first child a few weeks ago and Sarafina emigrated to Turkey, the next big event is now coming up. A Wollny daughter is said to have said “yes” recently.

Silvia Wollny announces big news on Instagram

A picture of two hands with rings can be seen on Silvia Wollny’s Instagram account. A male hand with a simple ring and a female hand with a beautiful diamond ring. In the background a large bouquet of roses. The Wollny chief writes: “She say yes” (in German: she says yes).

“We are very happy for you,” Silvia Wollny continued. It remains unclear which happy couple it is. Many fans claim it could be the new parents Lavinia Wollny and Tim Katzenbauer. In an Instagram story by Tim Katzenbauer, attentive fans are said to have discovered a similar ring on his finger.

Attentive fans have an inkling of which couple this is

Lavinia Wollny is also said to have the same nails as in the picture. Others, on the other hand, claim that Sylvana Wollny and her fiancé have finally said yes. For the time being, however, the family is keeping to themselves who it is exactly.

Instagram comments
Fans claim that the picture with the wedding ring and engagement ring is about Lavinia Wollny and Tim Katzenbauer © Instagram / Screenshot

Sarafina Wollny also recently made headlines with an Instagram story. The young mom showed up on vacation in Turkey. Sarafina Wollny is not yet allowed to talk about emigration. Sources used: promiflash.de, instagram.com/wollenysilvia