“We are with you I fight from Barracas to Paris”, Carlos Vives shows his support for Luis Diaz

The fever of the Champions League and Lucho Diaz in the match has Colombians with their nerves on edge and thousands are connected on their televisions waiting for the English triumph.

Public personalities have also expressed their support for the Colombian who debuts as one of the big favorites in the match.

Colombian singer Carlos Vives is one of them and through his Instagram account he showed his support for Luis Díaz’s Liverpool at Parque de la 93.

“We are with the transmission of Gaira Café Local, we are not in England, we are not in London, but we are in the land of Liverpool because here we are all supporting the networks”, says the singer.

In addition, he sends a greeting to Mané, Salah and Luis Díaz. “Forgive me, I always get the local, hahaha… we are with you, Lucho, from Barrancas to Paris and beyond. Long live the football party, may the best win”, is the message that accompanies the video.

Controversial flag of Liverpool fans over Luis Díaz and Colombia generated outrage

For the first time in the history of a Champions League final, a Colombian is a starter. Luis Díaz, who in two days turns 4 months after arriving in Liverpool, won his place after playing 319 minutes in the most important club tournament in the world and after scoring two goals against Benfica and Villarreal.

At the Stade de France in Paris, more than 80 thousand spectators will be able to see the Colombian in action from the first minute. The love that the peasant has awakened in Liverpool fans has manifested itself in every way.

Social networks have shown how in Paris the followers of the reds They have a place in their hearts for the Colombian, to the point of dedicating songs to him in the streets of Paris. “Oh, Luis Díaz”, says the chorus of the verses that speak of the great team that Klopp formed. “He signed for Liverpool from Porto. And when he scores he dances with Diogo. He plays with Salah, Mané and Firmino. Oh, Luis Diaz has us fucking crazy. Oh, Luis Diaz… Oh, Luis Diaz”, says the musical dedication.

The Colombian was even part of the figures chosen for the launch of the new Liverpool uniform.

However, the euphoria has been marred by a red flag, white letters and the image of Luis Díaz printed.

“Only the best from Colombia go through customs in Liverpool”, the phrase says.

For many users, it refers to the era and image of drug trafficking that coffee growers try to leave behind.

Immediately, some Colombian Twitter users felt offended, while from Liverpool they apologized and also asked the creator of said flag not to show it at any time during the match against Real Madrid.

However, the huge image was shown in the match against Everton and according to some network users, the intention is to praise the great player that Luis Díaz is.

I also do not in any way endorse the message sent by this ‘banner’. But I also think that he only intended to call Luis Díaz “the best in Colombia” as a compliment. Say what you want to say about it, but don’t drag the whole Liverpool family in.” was read on Twitter.

Although many considered this an offense, Luis Diaz did not comment on the fact and only seeks to show that his talent is what is worth in this and other games and that it is what keeps him in this team, his soccer quality.