“We crack, then we wake up, then we fight”: Michel Cymes recounts his secret fight against the disease

He is the most famous doctor in the media. Michel Cymes, also animator, comes out this Wednesday Nothing is impossiblea work in which he reveals himself and reveals difficult passages of his existence.

He returns in particular to this cancer hidden in one of his kidneys, and discovered in 2008 completely by chance. While doing a scan following a skiing accident, a cancerous tumor was spotted in his kidney. A new particularly difficult to assume, although he has rubbed shoulders with the disease all his career as a doctor by profession… It is besides this framework that pushed him to never reveal his kidney cancer.

Invited on the set of C à vous this Monday, October 3, Michel Cymes finally returned to this discovery which stunned him. “At the time of the announcement, you are knocked out. Being a doctor, it’s even more complicated. These are moments of amazement. We crack, and then we wake up and then we fight”he dropped in front of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

Fourteen years later, Michel Cymes comes out of silence and openly talks about the disease since he came out of it. Since the cancer was caught early enough, it did not have time to grow and metastasize. “I didn’t want to talk about it before (…) I just told my father before the book came out.” A big step for the doctor who has always wanted to remain professional.

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