“We don’t make jokes with bad intentions”: Why Henry Bustamante and Héctor and Jinson, known as the ‘Ecuador Duo’, apologized | People | Entertainment

No one wants to be singled out as the one bites the hand of the person who has fed it. And, apparently, that is the motto that the renowned make-up artist duet wishes to fulfill to the letter. Jinson Pineda and Hector Alvaradopopularly known as the ‘Duo from Ecuador’.

Jinson Pineda and Héctor Alvarado, a duo of friends who danced to fulfill a dream in ‘Soy el mejor’

Renowned Stylists for Screen and Show Talent they consolidated their popularity during this 2022 when they entered the reality of dance I’m the best (TC Television)but they said goodbye to that television house a few days ago, the Decembre 19th. Since Tuesday December 27 They are the new figures of the morning show In contact (Ecuavisa).

But on his first day of work at the canal del cerro, the beloved ‘Duo’ fell for the controversy above as a welcome.

It all happened during the recently inaugurated segment The best Tik Toks 2022which include the dance trends of the year. It is a mini contest that involves the presenters of the program that is broadcast from 10:30 to 13:00. Namely, Jose Urrutia, Gabriela Diaz, Henry Bustamante and Virginia Limongi they had to demonstrate their dominance in the fashionable dances of the last 12 months.

The role of Jinson and Héctor was that of rate the choreographies and choose the best of all. According to the stylists, the best presentation was that of VirginiaMiss Ecuador 2018, who danced get rid offrom Rosalía, precisely on Tuesday, December 27.

The choice supposedly warmed Henry’s spiritswho issued a series of comments that generated alleged controversies on social networks for the couple of makeup artists.

‘I am the best’: the duo Héctor & Jinson stood out with the best score from the jury and the public

What did Henry Bustamante say?

The Duo from Ecuador presented a crown to Virginia Limongi to declare her the winner of the challenge. Henry Bustamante apparently received this announcement with suspicion.claiming that the judges planned to favor the former beauty queen beforehand.

“Although I don’t really understand, Hector, who was it that had already declared the winner… for me to participate, if this is tied up like your ex-program…”, snapped the journalist from Vince before the drivers laugh. The makeup artists made denial signs, to which Henry replied with a laugh: “You said that, I didn’t. We are going to a commercial break, they are going to fine me”.

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Héctor Alvarado apologizes the next day

During the broadcast this Wednesday December 28 and in a similar space, where there were also choreographies (in fact Virginia danced with her partner Paulo Cezar Augusto a piece of bachata), the stylist Héctor Alvarado took advantage of the space to apologize publicly for the expressions expressed the day before, which he feels have been misrepresented.

The apologies were introduced by his partner Jinson Pineda: “Yesterday my dear Henry Bustamante made a comment here on the program that has been misrepresented on social networks. It was not a comment with bad intention, nor with tares. It was simply a joke that can be made between colleagues in the media, so Hector wants to say something about it.”

Héctor continued, referring indirectly to the old television network in which they both worked in the last year. “I want to clarify something: we we will never speak ill of anyoneneither I didn’t make any comment either from a company where I worked for about a year and where I met wonderful producers”.

Jinson clarified that his presence on television is to entertain the public and not to destroy. “We will never speak ill of a company that shook our hand and he showed us on national television and made us feel really good.” He also recalled that his departure from the previous channel was due to his own decision, always emphasizing that I had never made a comment about the old program where he worked, as Bustamante had implied.

“I want to apologize if anyone felt affected, but I never made any comment. What’s more, I ran away, because I don’t like it…”, added the young man as he shed the first tears, showing himself moved by what had happened. “Thank you for allowing me to express it, I have really felt bad.”

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“We do not make jokes with bad intentions,” stressed Gabriela Díaz

In that moment of seriousness, the journalist Gabriela Diaz he wanted to express his feelings towards the make-up artists and the situation experienced.

You are here because you are beautiful people.of beautiful sentiments… I am going to take the audacity to say something on behalf of the family of In contact and this is a message to all our colleagues and channel friends, that we if we make any kind of jokes, never think that it is with bad intentions. We can make jokes to channels, which I am going to say freely, RTS, TC Television, Telemazonas… Because they are channels with colleagues and friends. So in the same way we are going to take any joke from these television media ”.

Gaby also referred to her partner Henry Bustamante. “He is a wonderful person.who has been in this program for more than 15 years, that I have never spoken with bad intentions ”.

Bustamante also became sensitive to his new colleagues. He hugged Hector, whom he felt quite affected by the matter. “I appreciate them very much, I know that emotions are managed on social networks and much more if they come from a reality where there are very dear characters”. In any case, she continued herself, she also wanted to apologize to everyone for the misunderstanding. (AND)