“We had a good laugh”: the incredible meeting of Mylène Farmer with… George Clooney

Mylène Farmer will be in the spotlight of the next Gala issue, this Thursday, March 10. For the occasion, the singer gave a long interview to the magazine, during which she notably recounted her unexpected meeting with George Clooney.

Mylène Farmer trusts. The singer is one of the greatest French artists. Thanks to tubes like Libertine Without counterfeit or Provided they are soft, she was able to make a place for herself in the Pantheon of French music, while evoking important themes, such as the emancipation of women or the freedom to speak about sex. Thanks to her large community, Mylène Farmer has even become the French singer who sells the most records in the country. His last album, Disobedience, released in 2018, was certified diamond disc. But at the same time, the artist is very discreet in his private life and his words remain rare.

But this Thursday, March 10, Mylène Farmer agreed to give a long interview to Gala, and took the opportunity to look back on his extraordinary career. She also confided in her experience in the field of the 7th art. The artist thus evoked the first film in which she shot, entitled Giorgino, in 1994. But the feature film was a failure, and pushed Mylène Farmer into exile in Los Angeles. During this rest in the United States, the singer met George Clooney. I met him at a dinner party. We exchanged a few words. The evening was simple, pleasant. We had a good laugh. Hollywood is kinda fun. But it’s another planet. American stars have as much power as responsibility. George Clooney is a committed actor, aware of his time”, she explained.

Mylène Farmer. “I love words too much to be unfaithful to the French language”

It will only be in 2018 that Mylène Farmer will make her return to the big screen, in the horror film Ghostland. In the meantime, she had turned down many projects in the 90s, as well as an international singing career. “It’s my freedom. My choices have always been conscious, so I’m calm with all that. I love words too much to be unfaithful to the French language”she justified, before indicating that she still remained open to cinematographic proposals: “Of course, I read the scripts sent to me. There are some interesting things. I also study series projects. This format has evolved so much since the advent of platforms. This is remarkable”.


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