“We had never left”: Pascal Légitimus says more about the return of the Unknowns

Guest of the program “1 hour with…” on RFM, this Saturday April 23, Pascal Légitimus gave news of his projects but also of his former acolytes of the Unknowns. The famous comedy trio of the 90s will return to the big screen.

Already mentioned by Bernard Campan and Didier Bourdon – his two former accomplices of the Unknowns -, the return of the trio of comedians was confirmed by Pascal Légitimus, this Saturday, April 23. Guest of the show “1 hour with…”, hosted by Bernard Montiel and broadcast on RFM, the actor gave some details on his reunion with his two friends and colleagues. “See you now, we coagulate our energies for two, three projects, that I can’t talk about yet”, he asserted. It is particularly a question of cinema “with Philippe Godot as producer”, said the 63-year-old comedian. “He’s a director who is writing for us. It’s the two universes, of Unknowns and of this director who I can’t name, who will come together. I think that it should come out next year“, he then continued.

“We come back quietly”

During this interview, Pascal Légitimus also felt that it was not really about a reformation or a return of the star comic trio of the 90s. “We had never left”, he said. he, indeed, assured. “We’re still here, exceptwe are a little older, we have less energybut anyway, We’ve been working for almost thirty years“, said the comedian, admitting all the same: “For a moment, we stopped becausewe had nothing more to say, so we went fallow. Now there it is, we have ideas, little odds and ends, we come back quietly.

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Also on TV…

Already on March 3, Didier Bourdon had confirmed in the pages of Gala an upcoming return to television and cinema. “At the end of this year, it will be thirty years since the last show of the Unknowns was broadcast on television. It’s not impossible that after digging through our archives, we’ll come together on a channel to look into this“, he had declared. Before continuing: “We also have a film project written by someone else, but it’s too early to talk about it.“Be patient, so…

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