“We have very nice plans”: Larissa Graniello reveals everything about her pregnancy

The famous 29-year-old Salvadoran revealed how she found out about her pregnancy and to whom she broke the news first. Likewise, she indicated that there is already a date for the gender reveal party.

A few days ago, the host of “Arriba mi gente”, Larissa Graniello, surprised all her fans with the news that she will be a mother. It was through a beautiful video that she shared on the morning show and then on her social networks where she told how she is enjoying this new stage in her life.

Likewise, the famous revealed all the details of her pregnancy yesterday through stories on her Instagram in which she asked her fans to ask her all the questions and she would be answering them.

One of the first questions she was asked was “How was the moment when you found out you were pregnant?”

And she replied: “I remember perfectly that my reaction was to cry, but to cry with joy.” In addition, she added that the news had already been given on social networks through a publication, but that it was implicit.

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The famous revealed who in her family was the first to find out about her pregnancy and what are the symptoms she has. Video: illustrative and non-commercial image/https://www.instagram.com/stories/larissagraniello/3008582392811238668/

Regarding the symptoms of pregnancy, Graniello assured that at the moment they have only given her cravings and a lot of sleep. “I always want to sleep and I’ve never been like that,” he said.

On the other hand, they asked him “what would you like it to be, a boy or a girl?” and she was very clear with her answer.

“I have no inclination towards any gender, boy or girl. I imagine it, they have told me thousands of beautiful things that are lived with boys, thousands of beautiful things that are lived with girls and everything excites me, everything excites me, Everything makes me happy. So whatever God wants,” he said.

In the same way, he indicated that they already have a date for the gender reveal party, so he will announce more details about it very soon.

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Larissa says that she is afraid of many things at this stage. Video: illustrative and non-commercial image/https://www.instagram.com/stories/larissagraniello/3008582392811238668/

Another of the questions she answered was “Is there something about pregnancy that scares you or that you don’t like?”

“Yes, the truth is that I am very afraid that something will go wrong. In the end, well, we cannot guarantee the future and in fact, that is why I waited a long time to share the news, because I followed my doctor’s instructions and there is a time in which we can already share it… Every day I ask God and obviously I take care of myself as much as I can, to be able to know him, to be able to reach the end of this stage…”, he expressed.

On the other hand, the first person in her family who found out about her pregnancy, in addition to her boyfriend, was her sister, since she is a doctor and told her what steps she should follow. Likewise, of her friends, the first one who gave her the news was Ale Costa.