“We no longer had a couple”: Jesta Hillmann makes painful secrets about her family

In a relationship with Benoit Assadi since their meeting on the Koh-Lanta show, Jesta Hillmann revealed that her relationship with her adventure partner was turned upside down after the birth of her 2nd child, during an interview with Sam Zirah.

Revealed to the general public in 2016, Jesta Hillmann was one of the participants in the adventure game Koh Lanta this year. Within the TF1 program, the young woman managed to thwart all the traps set by her opponents, in order to reach the final. Unfortunately for her, Jesta Hillmann was beaten by Benoît Assadiwhich collected all the votes of the final jury this year. The latter therefore won the title of ultimate survivor at the end of the game played by Denis Brogniart, as well as the 100,000 euros promised to the winner. However, Jesta Hillmann did not lose everything, since she has precisely found love in the arms of Benoit Assadi.

Falling in love was a surprise. I didn’t expect to fall in love at all on Koh-Lanta, and even if the story didn’t start until after, it was the result of everything we shared with Jesta. I didn’t realize it while we were on our adventure, but, once the posts ended, it was crystal clear in our heads. As soon as the game ended, it was clear that it was love. Before, as there is hunger, cold, we don’t think about it. This crush was even more surprising than winning, had explained the former winner of Koh-Lanta at the time. Together the two lovebirds participated in several reality TV shows on TFX, before starting a family. They gave birth to two boys: Juliann in 2019, and Adriann in 2021.

Jesta Hillmann: “Benoit had his child, I had my child, we divided everything”

If the couple of adventurers knew perfectly how to manage the arrival of their first child, this was however not the case when welcoming the second two years later. “For Juliann, we did everything together. For Adriann, we didn’t really suffer but we weren’t together anymore. And even at one point, I told him that I have the impression that we are on a break, that we took a break, we no longer had a couple. We were just two parents. He had his child, I had my child, we divided everything (…) Our couple was turned upside down“, revealed Jesta Hillmann during an interview with Sam Zirah.

Source- https://www.closermag.fr/people/on-n-avait-plus-de-couple-jesta-hillmann-fait-de-douloureuses-confidences-sur-sa-famille-1678956