We present “Odisea Lunar”: the powerful record debut of La Kala

The depths of existence also have sound corners, spaces on records that are not only biographical fugues, they are invitations to look at those less luminous corners that we inevitably face. La Kala is the project of Camila Silva, who today presents her debut album titled “Odisea Lunar”. There are 10 songs built since 2019, where the artist takes a deep and personal journey that covers topics such as abuse, depression, the environment, corruption and loneliness.

Worked on the production together with Maximiliano Gómez, the plate is “a mixture of many styles and melodies that generate a new and different sound. The result was a surprise that I really like”bill the kala about the importance of “Moon Odyssey” regarding raising awareness and moving masses; tell stories that make us reflect, feel, cry, dance, scream.