‘We see no reason’: Jamaica doesn’t want to party with Prince William

“We see no reason”
Jamaica doesn’t want to celebrate with Prince William

Prince William and Duchess Kate are currently touring the former British colonies. William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, is celebrating her 70th anniversary of the throne this year. Not everyone wants to celebrate. Kate and William feel it.

During their journey through former British colonies in Central America, Queen’s grandson Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate have to prepare for further protests against the monarchy. In Jamaica, an alliance of politics, business, entertainment and medicine is demanding compensation for slavery and an apology from the royal family and announced a demonstration this Tuesday when the couple travels to the Caribbean island. William and Kate are traveling on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, who celebrates her 70th anniversary this year.

“We see no reason to celebrate the 70th anniversary of your grandmother’s accession to the British throne because under her leadership and that of her predecessors the greatest human rights tragedy in human history continued,” the British newspaper “Independent” quoted as saying letter of protest. Jamaica played a key role as a hub for the slave trade of British entrepreneurs, and numerous descendants of forced laborers live on the island today. The country will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its independence in 2022.

Protests had already overshadowed the royal trip at the first stop in Belize. Because of “sensitive community issues in Indian Creek,” the couple toured a chocolate factory rather than a cocoa plantation as intended. According to media reports, residents of the originally selected village had demonstrated against the visit because of a land conflict between them and the conservation organization involved in the farm, whose patronage William has taken on.

On Sunday, William and Kate showed no signs of tension. Visiting the factory, they tasted cocoa beans and joked with the employees. The couple also danced at a cultural festival. On Monday, a visit to ancient Mayan ruins was on the agenda before continuing to Jamaica. There, the future royal couple wants to take part in a sailing regatta and celebrate the legacy of reggae legend Bob Marley. Finally, we head to the Bahamas.