“We stop the speculoos ok?”: this journalist, attacked on her physique, utters a rant

France Pierron presents sports programs on the L’Équipe channel and as she often does, this Wednesday, the journalist posted a snapshot on Twitter to announce the evening program. The catch? In the photo, the young woman seems to have gained a few pounds. It does not take more for the social network to be unleashed. So, in the comment section, it reads: “We stop the speculoos ok?“, “France always on fire even with a few raclettes too many” or “Curves are in fashion today“.

Inappropriate remarks that made the presenter roar. If she had already taken the time to respond to some personally, she decided to post a tweet asking those who judge her on her weight to “keep their comment“.

“Just don’t show up”

A publication that did not have the expected effect on everyone. If France Pierron can count on the support of several indignant Internet users and that certain derogatory comments have been deleted, his message was not unanimous.

To comments”You want the end of freedom of expression” and “Just don’t show up“, the journalist replies: “The photo is to say: look how happy we are and how the show is about to start. Not to say: tell me how you like my ass?

The young woman, visibly exasperated, spent her time responding, in vain, to her detractors.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-on-arrete-les-speculoos-ok-cette-journaliste-attaquee-sur-son-physique-pousse-un-coup-de-gueule-1424272.aspx