We tell you what the relationship between the protagonists of ‘Café con aroma de mujer’ is really like – Nueva Mujer

The success of ‘Woman-fragranced coffee’ on Netflix is ​​indisputable. Even its filmmakers never imagined that this remake would have such an impact, because it was quite a challenge to adapt it to the new times and generations and for it to finally please the audience.

And the results have been very obvious, This production has caught on very well with audiences in several countries, who continue to position this dramatic phenomenon created by Fernando Gaitán in first place. and that today remains in force and has even been able to reinvent itself for the audience of the streaming platform.

But nevertheless, not everything is rosy, because apparently situations happen on set that the public cannot perceive, but that affect the normal progress of a plot. That is why on one occasion the rumor spread that its protagonists: Laura Londoño and William Levy do not get along very well on or off the set of this story.

What is the relationship between the protagonists of ‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman’ really like?

In the eyes of all these handsome and talented protagonists of ‘Café con aroma de mujer’, they exude sympathy and a connection that went beyond the screens, but there are more and more rumors that both do not really support each other and that they only tried to fulfill their scenes to go after it by their side. But, there are those who wonder why through social networks they have come to show that they are really friends or that at least they both felt comfortable with their presence.

And although there are no answers or reactions between them, at least recently, it was known that it was “Gaviota” herself who assured People magazine in Spanish that she could not stand the immature attitude of the Cuban actor, Well, he used to always arrive late to the recordings and worst of all, that on one occasion he arrived with a hangover after a long night of partying and without knowing his dialogues.

This surprised the followers of ‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman’, because For many, everything seemed to be very pleasant between them and they even seemed to be the most beloved couple due to the impact they have generated with their characters.. But, apparently not everything is so tragic, because in recent publications of both stars, it is noted that he treats her very cordially, respectfully and reflects that they have a special affection and admiration for her career.

And it is that Both Laura and Willian are clear that this production has been a success, that it has catapulted their careers and given them the desired boostshowing them in several countries in which this drama does not come down from the first place and is positioned more and more as the favorite.

So Despite the inconvenience that the Cuban has generated on the recording set, Londoño has been able to put up with his attitudes full of “divisism” all for the good of this plot of which many hope to see a second season.