We tell you when the second season of ‘Welcome to Eden’ premieres – New Woman

If you thought that everything was already said in ‘Welcome to Eden’ we tell you that no, There is still much to discover in this series that has been a phenomenon on Netflix, as it has not stopped generating emotions.

And it is that this juvenile court production It has been known how to win over the audience by showing one of the most partying, fun and unusual scenarios in which a group of young “influencers” are invited to the exclusive celebration of a drink in which, due to fateful situations, they then experience moments unexpected and that They will take you to investigate the origin of the most cumbersome scenes that are handled with total suspense and intrigue.

Here nothing is as it seems and that is why this production has caused so much impact, since from the beginning it is shown as a light proposal, based on fun, as well as the most critical moments of the rumbas, without knowing that later everything is transformed and the most tragic experiences are lived. That is part of its success and that is why many are already waiting for a second installment.

What is known about the second season of ‘Welcome to Eden’

As everyone could already appreciate in the first season of ‘Welcome to Eden’ the cruelest intentions were woven to discredit a group of boys who are very successful in social networks. Each of them were protagonists of subplots that left more than one stunned at the outcomes. that left even more doubts and sowed the idea that everything was lost.

The intrigues did not stop, as well as a series of questions that did not allow this story to close. Hence, the vast majority of the faithful followers of this plot assure that it will not only have a second part, but that this will be decisive in discovering the origin of all the conflicts that arose in this first installment. Even the filmmakers must be fully sure that this story is missing “a piece”, only we have to wait for Netflix to officially reveal this long-awaited announcement.

So most likely we will have the new season of ‘Welcome to Eden’ in 2023, the year in which the new plot would already be ready in which this cast will surprise again with the actions it has to take to respond to so many concerns. With this, once again that “boom” will be generated that was already manifested in this opportunity in which even this production was positioned in the first places of views in several countries.

Let’s remember that the streaming platform usually waits a margin of time to analyze the behavior of its premieres and thus establish a criterion of whether a plot needs to be extended or, on the contrary, dismiss it from the entertainment catalog, but as far as the series has been so pleasantly accepted , It is likely that the official announcement of what is coming for the second season will be made very soon, which is already being awaited by the audience.