“We won’t let him come near”: Pierre-Jean Chalençon not at all welcome at Régine’s funeral

When Régine’s death was announced, Pierre-Jean Chalençon generously paid tribute to her. “The family”, he has on his Twitter account, posting photos and memories with the singer. To believe his words – “Humor and love”, “unfailing affection” -, Pierre-Jean Chalençon had a great friendship with the late icon.

A fusional relationship which is obviously not perceived in this way by everyone… The buyer and businesswoman Caroline Margeridon, seen in the program Affaire Conclue reacted to Jean-Marc Morandini to the so-called passion which united the two personalities: “How many times she said to me: ‘Stop seeing this asshole. You can see he’s an opportunist’. (…) Pierre-Jean Chalençon was not her friend! She didn’t want to see him. She didn’t want to see him. We don’t need to talk about those people.” dropped this very good friend of Régine.

“How to silence this asshole?”

It was also Jean-Marc Morandini who published a text transmitted by Countess Vivianne de Witt, also close to Régine. In it, Vivianne de Witt is very clear: Pierre-Jean Chalençon will not be welcome at the singer’s funeral this Monday morning. “I had been friends with Regine since I was 18 and I’m 74! (…) All the last conversations were essentially about the one she called ‘this garbage from Chalençon’ (…) I told her ‘don’t you’ Don’t annoy Regine, it’s not good for your health.’ She answered me, ‘But how can we silence this asshole?'” she wrote. “So today when I see that Pierre-Jean Chalençon is spreading everywhere claiming to have been friends with Regine and even engaged, I wanted to bring this testimony. Don’t worry Regine as you asked all your friends we won’t let him near Père Lachaise.” The message is clear.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-on-ne-le-laissera-pas-s-approcher-pierre-jean-chalencon-pas-du-tout-le-bienvenu-aux-obseques-de-regine-1375221.aspx