“Wedding at first sight”-Melissa: love comeback with Philipp?

In “Wedding at First Sight”, the TV candidates Philipp and Melissa said yes – the two recently announced their separation. Are there still chances of a love comeback?

  • In “Marriage at First Sight” Philipp and Melissa said yes
  • The two recently announced their separation despite having a son together
  • Now Melissa shot her child’s father again in the net

“Marriage at first sight”: Love from Melissa & Philipp

At first it looked like the experts from “Marriage at First Sight” actually had one for Melissa and Philipp perfect match found – in 2019 the TV candidates said yes in front of the camera and even had a son together.

However, the two recently surprised their fans and followers with the shocking news of their separation. And although Philipp and Melissa emphasized that they would separate their son in peace for love, the “marriage at first sight” stars delivered one public War of the Roses.

Only recently did Melissa and Philipp shower each other via Instagram strong allegations – the new mom apparently did not want her son to stay overnight with his father because he did not have a permanent address. However, Philipp publicly denied these statements and made it clear that his son lacked nothing and that he was able to carry out the SAT.1 experiment afterwards regret would. Awesome!

“Marriage at first sight” Melissa: dig at her ex

In a question and answer session via Instagram, Melissa now commented on one possible love comeback with Philip. When a follower wanted to know if she would prefer Philipp one second chance give up or stay single forever, she emphasized:

Of course, stay single forever.

Ouch! When it comes to love, too, Melissa wants it first calmer approach: “First of all, I’m happy with myself alone.” Clear words that probably do not give hope that the two “marriage at first sight” candidates will meet again get together.

Source used: Instagram