Wedding in Berlin: Jochen Schropp married his friend

Wedding in Berlin
Jochen Schropp married his friend

It’s been almost four years since presenter Jochen Schropp publicly acknowledged his homosexuality. Last year he got engaged to his friend Norman. And now the next step has been taken: the two got married.

Jochen Schropp is under the hood. The moderator gave his fiancé Norman the yes word on Friday. The 43-year-old posted a wedding photo on Instagram that shows the two newlyweds overjoyed and with balloons – twice a groom and three pink hearts – in front of a registry office in Berlin.

The big wedding in Cape Town is supposed to take place in April. “I’m really excited, we have so much planned,” Schropp revealed to the “Bunte” magazine. “It’s just a different country, you deal with it differently. We do everything on our own, but I’m the one who organizes and I just hope that everything will come true.”

In June 2021, Schropp revealed in his own podcast “Knall & Tüte” with Lars Tönsfeuerborn that he had been engaged for a year. “I’m going to put this out there now. I’ve been engaged since last year – first lockdown.”

“Then we should get married too”

Schropp didn’t want to reveal who proposed to whom, just this much: “One evening we had a couple of friends over – two lesbians. Then it was about love and what we have in each other. Then we said to each other again that we are so happy that we have each other, and then one of us said: ‘Yes, then we should actually get married too’,” says Schropp. It doesn’t always have to be the big request and the fat clunker, the moderator emphasized.

Jochen Schropp is also known as an actor in TV productions and as a presenter of shows like “Celebrity Big Brother”. In June 2018 he confessed to his homosexuality in a letter he sent to the magazine “Stern”. In June 2020 he shared a couple photo on Instagram for the first time.