Wedding of Brunella Horna and Richard Acuña TODAY SATURDAY: details prior to the marriage | PEOPLE

Brunella Horna He is going through one of the most beautiful moments of his life in terms of the personal. And it is that, after she suspended her wedding due to the political situation, she now prepares the details of the ceremony at the hands of her fiancé, Richard Acuna, and her family and friends, who are helping her. The TV host has revealed some details of her imminent engagement.

As you remember, Brunella Horna and Richard Acuña They had planned to get married last Saturday, December 17 after that in July 2022, the son of César Acuña proposed to the blonde host of the “América Hoy” program during a private party, after five years of relationship.

On the last 6th of January, the portal of instarandula shared photos of the wedding decoration, which was meticulously supervised by the ‘Baby Brune’. In the images you can see the assembly of the structures and the flower columns that will be part of the couple’s marriage ceremony.

Details a few hours before the wedding

Through her official Instagram account, Brunella Horna shared a photo with Richard Acuña organizing until the early hours of the morning. “My perfectionist boyfriend”, wrote the television host and businesswoman, who was visibly exhausted by her wedding preparations.

Brunella Horna She was also surprised with a detail from her best friends just a few hours after saying yes to Richard Acuña. “Bubita! Today you marry the love of your life and we couldn’t be happier for you. You are going to be the most beautiful bride. To shine has been said. We love you”, it reads in the dedication.

The details that Brunella Horna revealed a few hours after her wedding.  (Photo: Instagram)

The details that Brunella Horna revealed a few hours after her wedding. (Photo: Instagram)

Another of the close friends of the blonde host of América Televisión had nice words for the occasion. “Today my bubita is marrying the love of her life. How proud to be friends with such a noble person and with such a beautiful heart. May you be very happy”can be read in the Instagram post.

In another of Brunella Horna’s Instagram stories revealed to the public a few hours after her long-awaited wedding with Richard Acuña took place you can see some red roses.

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