‘Wednesday’, season 2: will Netflix leave?

    It was one of the great fictional surprises of 2022 and turned into one of the most successful series for Netflix, confirmation of a season 2 of ‘Wednesday’ It is evident, although, there has been a moment in which all the alarms about a possible abandonment of the platform went off. As reported by The Independent, the agreement between MGM and Prime Video threatened the continuity of the production starring Jenna Ortega in his mother house. However, it all seems like baseless speculation.

    ‘Wednesday’ It has positioned itself as the third most watched and most addictive series on Netflix. Releasing that golden goose is not easy and, precisely, that is what could make it really attractive to one of its main competitors, Prime Video, which last year signed a merger agreement for a large amount of money, with MGM and that made people think about the possibility of jumping onto that platform. However, as IndieWire has just published, citing a close source, the agreement between Netflix and MGM would be earlier and, therefore, the series would continue with them.



    For now, we will have to be patient for Netflix to confirm that long-awaited second installment. The change would have been strange for fans who are looking forward to seeing ‘Wednesday’ in action, find out if she will have a lesbian relationship with Enid and discover the identity of the one who sent her that disturbing message at the end of the season.