Wejdene: Crying on her birthday!

He is the idol of young people! Wejdene turns 18 this week, and the singer is thrilled to finally be able to celebrate her coming of age. At just 18 years old, the star rose to fame overnight with cult titles like “ Anissa“. Wejdene has the dream life and she is well aware of it. The young singer was able to reinvent herself with her latest title, denouncing harassment. Before being in the spotlight, Wejdene lived through very difficult times. With his song ” The best“, the young woman wanted to give hope to young people living the same suffering. For Wejdene, you have to keep hope and above all, believe in your dreams, fight for them. The star understood it well! Today, she is living her dream and says she is fulfilled. Surrounded by the right people, Wejdene flourishes and could not have dreamed of better for this entry into the majority. She posts a video on Instagram, crying for her birthday.

Wejdene, an extraordinary majority

18 years old, finally! The star is overwhelmed, she thanks her fans after her tour: “ My loves, thank you for these first dates, you are the best public. It was heavy, I hope you liked it as much as me. Look forward to meeting you » . Wejdene is aware of her luck, and benefits every day from the success she encounters. For his birthday, his entire team had a surprise in store for him. But the young singer cracks.

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Under this moving video, Wejdene writing : ” One of the best moments of my life. Thank you all for wishing me this! We’re officially of age, and you’ve been there from the start » . In the comments, the fans love it and the comments are flowing: “ We are and always will be here for you“, “ The best of artists“, “ You really have the best by your side“, “ You started you were 15 years old, and today you made an album, a reissue, collabs, you chain the concerts… And after all that you are 18 years old » . Indeed, the young woman has already been through a lot, but the best is yet to come.

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