Wejdene: Fulfilled, she is celebrating her 18th birthday!

She is one of the most famous singers of her generation, Wejdene sees her popularity rating increasing day by day! The young girl had made herself known with her title ” Anissa“, mad success. But the singer has been able to reinvent herself lately with her song “ The best“, referring to school bullying. Moving words that have touched many listeners. Many fans expressed their gratitude to him. Indeed, bullying is a scourge that affects a lot of young people. And the singer knows something about it, because she herself was the victim during her adolescence. But today, Wejdene took his revenge on life. So on tour with his cult titles, the star fills the halls of France! It is therefore on the road that Wejdene celebrates its majority. On the occasion of her 18th birthday, the singer posts a photo on Instagram that ignites the web.

Wejdene, when the young singer becomes a woman

Following his incredible success at the Zénith de Paris, Wejdene thanked his fans: “ My loves, thank you for these first dates, you are the best public. It was heavy, I hope you liked it as much as me. Look forward to meeting you » . And the singer has not finished receiving love! For her 18th birthday, all her fans shower her with compliments in the comments.

©Instagram @wejdene.bk

18 years old finally…!“, and yes, the pretty Wejdene just reached his majority! A major event in a person’s life. Under his publication and his sublime photo, the comments fuse: “ Happy birthday, long life to you“, “ Happy birthday again my baby, I’m so proud of what you’ve become“, “ Beautiful and shiny, happy birthday”, “Remember, you are the best “… Beautiful comments that will warm the heart of the singer! Happy Birthday Wejdene!

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