Wejdene: Her new track “La Best” inspired by her own experience

After a long absence, Wejdene is back with a new song that talks about a subject close to his heart: “harassment”. The young singer recently confided in her Instagram followers about the terrible experience she had gone through. If the Wejdene had appeared as a strong and confident woman at the beginning with her title “Anissa”, lately we have been able to see a completely different facet of her personality. In reality, she is a young artist who is not yet completely healed from her past wounds.

Wejdene: “It’s not a single, it’s my story”

The new title of Wejdene The Best has recently made the buzz on social networks. What motivated the singer to take stock of what inspired her in writing it. The young woman thus specified through her Instagram account on March 21 that it was not just a single, but her story. She therefore did not want to create a buzz with her new song.

Wejdene wanted to sum up to let it be known that she had been harassed on several occasions in the past. The singer had indeed already suffered attacks in addition to being rejected from a group. She then created this song to give hope to those who are victims of school bullying. Through this song, The interpreter of 16 wants to send a nice message of support. So the singer doesn’t really care if the audience likes her or not. All she wants to do is music, especially for the benefit of young people of her generation.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/247655-wejdene-son-nouveau-morceau-la-meilleure-inspiree-de-sa-propre-experience