Wejdene: Last straight line before the Zénith de Paris!

It is a highly anticipated return that Wejdene offers to his fans! Indeed, the singer was silent for a while, but it was for a good cause… The star is back in force with a new title that has already had incredible success! A song inspired by his life. Wejdene talks about the harassment she experienced during her schooling. With ” The best“, the interpreter takes a nice revenge on life. He is one of the most beloved personalities of French youth. Wejdene hasn’t finished surprising her fans… If the young woman has been discreet lately, she is now ready to conquer the world of music! And it is at the Zénith de Paris that Wejdene marks his big comeback. We tell you everything.

Wejdene: Conquering the Zenith!

To introduce the music video for his new song “ The best“, Wejdene said: “ Inspired by real facts… For those who will recognize themselves through these three minutes, know that I love you, good movie » . The lyrics of this new title evoke school bullying, and the clip perfectly illustrates the suffering that a young person like Wejdene can feel in the face of so much aggression. Fortunately, the star was able to recover and make a brilliant career despite the criticism! Find out the date of his concert at the Zenith in Paris.

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It’s done, Wejdene will perform at the Zénith de Paris on May 6, 2022! In the caption of her poster, the singer writes: Last straight line before the FIRE! Grab your tickets now! Zenith, it’s going to be great…! Who took his ticket? “… The comments fuse:” This date is going to be crazy I can’t wait to go“, “ You are beautiful I can’t wait » . The date is approaching, go get your tickets before it’s too late!

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/248098-wejdene-derniere-ligne-droite-avant-zenith-paris