Wendler is now going to court against plastic surgeons “kleinezeitung.at

The cosmetic surgeon had indicated that a certificate issued that exempted Michael Wendler from the mask requirement could not be in accordance with the law. Wendler is now taking action against this.

10:32 am, March 24, 2022


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Der Schönheitschirurg hatte angedeutet, dass das für Wendler ausgestellte Attest, das von dem plastischen Chirurgen stammen soll, gefälscht sein könnte: "Der Briefkopf und die Unterschrift stimmen, aber der Mittelteil ist nicht unsere Schriftform. Ich denke, das ist rein kopiert worden. Es ist leicht, so etwas zu fälschen", hatte der Arzt laut "Bild"-Zeitung gesagt.

Vor Gericht werden wohl nur die Anwälte der beiden Streitparteien in Stellung gehen, das persönliche Erscheinen Wendlers ist nicht angeordnet. Richterin Ju, imagePathAltText=Bild: APA/dpa/Rolf Vennenbernd, channelBean=null, externId=-1, wordCount=279, author=, currentMpliLockRuleListStr=::, tags=, imageSource=null, blendleTier=, displayDate=Thu Mar 24 10:32:00 CET 2022, popupSizeY=0, popupType=, linkUSVTList=[], mpliId=-1, popupSizeX=0, link=, breadcrumbOverwrite=0, title=Wendler geht jetzt vor Gericht gegen Schönheitschirurgen vor, watchList=5, displayDateStr=24.03.2022 10:32, blendleJwtToken=, lines=0, teaserShort=Der Schönheitschirurg hatte angedeutet, ein ausgestelltes Attest, das Michael Wendler von der Maskenpflicht befreit, könnte nicht gesetzeskonform sein. Dagegen geht Wendler nun vor. , class=class at.beit.common.articlelist.ArticleVO, channelId=0, createDate=Thu Mar 24 10:32:00 CET 2022, blendleEnabled=false, policyAgencyId=481, createDateStr=24.03.2022 10:32, layoutId=-1, masterChannelId=-1, imagePathText=Der frühere Schlagerstar Michael Wendler. / Bild: APA/dpa/Rolf Vennenbernd, channelName1=null, changeUser=hadler, displayTimeStr=10:32, channelName=null, createUser=hadler, linkType=, ranking=0, automaticLead=0, changeDateStr=24.03.2022 10:42, kicker=Schlagersänger, newstickerStatus=0, teaser=Der Schönheitschirurg hatte angedeutet, ein ausgestelltes Attest, das Michael Wendler von der Maskenpflicht befreit, könnte nicht gesetzeskonform sein. Dagegen geht Wendler nun vor. } -->

Michael Wendler with announcement
The former hit star Michael Wendler. © APA / dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

crooner Michael Wendler (49/”She loves the DJ”) is suing a plastic surgeon. The singer wants to have the doctor banned from making a statement about a certificate for exemption from the mask requirement. The district court will hear the case next Wednesday and has set the amount in dispute at 145,000 euros.

The cosmetic surgeon had indicated that the certificate issued to Wendler, which is said to have come from the plastic surgeon, could be forged: “The letterhead and the signature are correct, but the middle part is not our written form. I think that was purely copied. It it’s easy to fake something like that,” the doctor said, according to the “Bild” newspaper.

Only the lawyers of the two parties to the dispute will appear in court, Wendler’s personal appearance is not ordered. However, judge Jutta von Gregory determined that the certificates should be submitted in their original form.

Because there is still a certificate for Wendler that exempts him – probably because of a nose operation – from the nasal swab tests for the corona virus, as well as at least one for his wife Laura Mueller.

Attorney Markus Haintz said he had affidavits from Wendler and his wife. It detailed how the surgeon issued and signed it. “For me, the matter is relatively clear,” said Haintz, suggesting that, if in doubt, the certificates should be checked for fingerprints. The surgeon’s lawyer, Marcel Leeser, “does not want to make a statement before the trial date,” as he said when asked.

Wendler, who lives in the USA, caused a scandal in October 2020 because he accused the federal government of “gross and serious violations of the constitution” in the Corona crisis. He also accused television stations – including his home broadcaster RTL at the time – of being “aligned”. RTL immediately distanced itself and called Wendler a conspiracy theorist.