Were Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell dating?

Prince Andrew is said to have been more involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s machinations than previously thought.

Prince Andrew, the Queen’s son, who is always touted as her favorite child, appears to be more deeply involved in the inhuman and highly criminal machinations of the late millionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Queen Elizabeth II’s second son is accused of sexual abuse in connection with the affair surrounding convicted US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew: In court soon

A trial, which plaintiff Virginia Giuffre hopes will bring justice, will be held soon. After the dismissal of an abuse lawsuit against him in the USA, Britain’s Prince Andrew had to give up his military titles and his patronage.

Were Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell dating?

In a new documentary “Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Pedophile,” two people from Prince Andrew’s inner circle have now claimed that he and Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s right-hand man, were a couple. Photos of the two abound, Andrew repeatedly invited Maxwell and Epstein to royal events. She also had access to the palace whenever she wanted and always seemed very cordial and familiar when dealing with Andrew. The English are outraged by this possible connection and many are calling for Andrew to be brought to trial as a matter of urgency.

Queen pulled the emergency brake

“With the consent and consent of the Queen, the military ranks and royal patronage of the Duke of York have been returned to the Queen,” it said in a succinct statement. Andrew will defend himself in the process as a private citizen, Buckingham Palace said in London.

William and Charles against him

Prince William and heir to the throne Charles in particular are said to have vehemently voted in a crisis talk to let Andrew feel the consequences of his possible actions – without a royal bonus.