Werner Herzog on environmental protection: Everyone can do something

When it comes to climate change, the younger generation expects a revolution from politicians, says the 79-year-old. Each individual can do something. He doesn’t exclude himself.

the essentials in brief

  • The German director and actor Werner Herzog (“Fitzcarraldo”, “Nosferatu – Phantom of the Night”) does not want to rely on politics to improve the environment.

“There is no point in asking politicians to find solutions. We can do a lot more as individuals,” said the 79-year-old in an interview with the Italian newspaper “La Stampa” (Sunday). For example, Herzog says he makes sure his salad doesn’t rot, and he drives less than he did 20 years ago.

“If everyone reduced their consumption, we would have clear results,” Herzog continued. The younger generations protested, but demanded the revolution from the politicians, which affects everyone, said the native of Munich.

According to Herzog, Swedish climate protection activist Greta Thunberg has set a good example. She almost always wears the same clothes and went to the USA by boat. She is aware of her individual responsibility.

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