“What a magical moment”: Fiona Erdmann has become a mother again

“What a Magical Moment”
Fiona Erdmann has become a mother again

After model Fiona Erdmann lost a baby last spring, she announced in December that she was pregnant again. The 33-year-old now welcomes her “little angel” to the world on Instagram. She was “overjoyed and grateful”.

Fiona Erdmann has had her second child. The former “Germany’s next top model” candidate announced this on Instagram. The 33-year-old published a photo showing her small family. Partner Moe, son Leo and their newborn daughter can be seen alongside the model. However, Erdmann has not yet revealed the name of the little one.

“Welcome little angel,” writes Erdmann in the attached comment. The hearts of the family members are “filled with love”. The model, her partner and her son are “overjoyed and grateful to be able to hold our little princess in their arms now. What a magical moment.”

Numerous fans and celebrities congratulate in the comments. “I’m so happy for you,” congratulates the influencer Sarah Harrison Erdmann. Singer-songwriter Julia Kautz raves: “Ahhhhh!!!!! Congratulations! I’m so happy!!!!”

In the spring of 2021, Erdmann had to announce that she had lost a baby. In a YouTube video, the former “Germany’s next top model” candidate spoke about the suspected reasons for the accident. In the clip, the 33-year-old reports that she was infected with the corona virus at the time. According to her doctors, this could have been the reason why the baby’s heart stopped beating “because a) I probably had a fever and b) the corona disease probably just spread to the child and the child didn’t make it “. Erdmann emphasizes that this is her very personal experience. There are still not enough research results on corona infections during pregnancy.

In December she then said on Instagram: “I’m so happy to finally be able to announce our news to you. Our angel is back and we are pregnant with a new little miracle.” In February, she made it public that she was expecting a girl.