What are the habits of Jennifer Aniston to maintain eternal youth

The eternal youth of Jennifer Aniston is not by magicis due to the perseverance and discipline maintained by the charismatic actress, who revealed the exercise routine, which she combines with a healthy diet and a philosophy of life, which undoubtedly keep her impeccable at 53.

Every day the artist who played the endearing character of Rachel in the nineties series friendspractice a daily combination of exercises ranging from boxing, yoga and cardio, for at least 20 minutes each day.

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But first, your sessions start with a 15-minute warm-up. What’s more supplement with various routines like bike, elliptical and treadmill in your home.

One of the exercises that he likes to practice the most are the pilates because it strengthens muscles, improves posture, flexibility, concentration, and even reduces joint pain and stress, it also ensures that it can be practiced at any age.


Jennifer says she enjoys pilates because it’s like dancing and meditating, plus strengthen your abdomen. He also admits that before he didn’t like to jump rope, but now he enjoys it as well as abdominal exercises. After training the American she goes into the sauna.

Another important factor is that it maintains a healthy food. One of the dishes that she consumes constantly is pasta, so he learned to cook it carbonara style. In addition to protein, green leafy vegetables and all kinds of vegetables, is how you complete a balanced diet. For Anistonestos steps he has turned them into a lifestyle.

But he also explains that his doctor, David Sinclair, recommends intermittent fasting consisting of stressing the body through exercise or eating “stressful” vegetables like purple carrots. She also acknowledges that in order to maintain the brightness of her face and the firmness of her silhouette, she also drinks a lot of water, applies sunscreen and sleeps during the day.

Jennifer Aniston likes to apply herself homemade facials, because it ensures that they allow you to maintain healthy skin after the passing of the years. One of them is a collagen supplement that it claims also helps nurture your “well-being from within.” Without a doubt, the actress continues to be a reference for many women not only because of her natural beauty, but also because of her charisma and simplicity.