What are the most womanizing zodiac signs? A top 4 with countless conquests…

There are astrological signs that are unfaithful, others that are on the contrary very faithful when they are in a relationship. But who are those who, when they are single, are real womanizers? Astrological signs can sometimes shed light on each other. Some signs are thus luckier in love than others, when some signs like Gemini, have all the narcissistic pervert. What about our unbridled seducers? Here are the top 4 of the most womanizing zodiac signs.

Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn or Sagittarius are the four monkeys who have the particularity of collecting conquests. Finding them in the room of the neighbor opposite, not really a surprise. The native of Aquarius is afraid of commitment but not really of seduction. This Air sign would be a real Don Juan. We find among the famous Aquarius Iris Mittenaere, Cristiano Ronaldo, The Weekend, François Civil or Vianney. Loving to feel free and independent, he avoids any serious relationship and therefore prefers to chain conquests. To meet the entertainment needs of Gemini, you have to be armed. And the latter needs change so much that he likes to see his companions follow one another. A true seducer, he loves flirting more than anything in the world. Ben Attal, Jamel Debbouze, Prince William and Angelina Jolie are all born under this sign

Unbridled seducers

Extremely loyal, Capricorn nevertheless takes time to trust and fall in love. Long to relax, this does not prevent the native of the sign from trying his luck by trying to find the right person, by playing the unbridled seducers. Among the stars, Kate Middleton, Kate Moss, Bradley Cooper or Omar Sy are also Capricorn. Finally, Sagittarius is known to be a womanizer. He likes to please and seduce. If you are a jealous or possessive person, it is better to avoid sharing the life of a native of this sign. Famous Sagittarians include Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema, Louane, Brad Pitt, Angèle, Miley Cyrus, Louise Bourgoin and Vincent Cassel. Both born on December 2, Michaël Youn and Philippe Etchebest are also natives of this sign. Remember, however, that nothing is so determined. Fidelity, infidelity, the love of seduction, fortunately do not only depend on the stars, but also on your very personal journey and the relationship in which you find yourself. Finally, even when the astrological signs come into play, the rest of the birth chart must also be taken into account, because your ascendant, your moon and other houses are also important.

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