What beauty products does Ninel Conde sell and how much do they cost?

More and more celebrities are betting on the beauty product market as a profitable business and Ninel Conde is one of them, since the actress has a line of cosmetics for sale, as well as other items that help with body care. .

The artist currently sells a shadow palette for $30, an eyeliner for $18, and translucent powder for $25. To purchase them, you must enter the website by Ninel, although they are all currently sold out.

In addition to the above, Conde has a line called “Fitness” in which she reveals some of the secrets that she puts into practice to have a toned body. Hot-cold creams, weights and girdles are some of these and are also purchased online.

The launch of this new venture was held in Miami and there the former member of “Rebelde” said: “This is only the beginning of the project”in addition to ensuring that all products “they are of high quality” because they configure the result of an arduous preparation.

In recent years, Conde has gone through paths of personal adversity, although his professional facet has always been positive. And without neglecting her singing and acting, more and more paths are opening up for her in the business world.