What becomes of Elisa Servier (who turns 67 on May 5)?

With her inimitable voice, Elisa Servier is an essential actress in French cinema. As she turns 67 on May 5, let’s hear from her.

She is born (in Villepinte, in Seine Saint-Denis) a May 5, 1955, “A 5, 5, 55”, how she amuses herself. Interviewed by Marseille actor Michel La Rosa, Elisa Servier is not one to take offense. Positive, she has long been able to overcome the criticism of her detractors to stay in tune with herself. Starting with his voice, with its special and instantly recognizable timbre. Even if she conceives having encountered difficulties, Elisa Servier has made it a real asset. “I find it cute because people recognize me with my voice.” His voice, his smile, his posture, which have illuminated French cinema for decades.

Elisa Servier, raped during her first film

Model from Milan to New York, student at Cours Florent with Francis Huster, Elisa started very early in front of the camera. At 18, she made her debut in The Warm Rabbit by Pascal Thomas. A first experience with a premonitory and traumatic name, since at the time of the revelations of the rape of Flavie Flament by David Hamilton, the actress will evoke her own aggression against Léa Salamé in the program Amazing!.I am 18 years old. I buried this. It’s thirty years later that I said to myself: ‘Well no, but I was raped’. Shocking revelations which have never tainted the unfailing morale of the actress, who has since become the mother of two children: a boy, Julien Nakache, born March 29, 1985 and a girl, Manon Niego (from Toledo, her name of actress), born December 16, 1993.

Elisa Servier, at the theater with Philippe Risoli

If she has played under the direction of great directors like Claude Sautet, Cédric Klapisch or even Marc Esposito, Elisa Servier has always endorsed the link between the boards and the film sets. Passionate about theater, still on tour across France, she played in 2020 in the comedy of boulevards Good pick!, alongside a certain Philippe Risoli. On the small screen, you saw it in Nestor Burma, Central Night, or Camping Paradise, and you will soon be able to find her for a TV movie with a casting full of promise.

Elisa Servier, will give the reply to Lorie

baptized The Duchess Mysteriesthe filming of this fiction which began in mid-March in Angoulême has just been completed, and is part of the saga The Mysteries of… Distributed by France 3, this TV movie will be an opportunity to find the 67-year-old actress, alongside a certain Lorie Pester. While waiting to learn more about the mysteries of this duchess, we wish a very happy birthday to Elisa Servier, and her very special tone of voice.

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