What becomes of Massimo Gargia? Age, fear of death, fiery nights (or not)..

In 2004, France discovered Massimo Gargia in La Ferme Celebrities. At 82, the Italian jet-setter has quit clubbing but hasn’t retired from public life. But what becomes of it?

He is one of the greatest kings of the jet set. Massimo Gargia celebrated his 82nd birthday on August 20. And if he has started a new decade, the Italian is still crowding the red carpets. What happens to the former candidate of The Celebrity Farm ? Massimo Gargia has lost none of his splendour. He still poses with ease in front of cameras and camera flashes: last November, he took part in the Gala For Hope, in Paris. It was in Miami that he spent Christmas, surrounded by his loved ones. Called by NRJ 12 in order to share his expertise in documentaries, he agrees to be interviewed to talk about royalty or his friends the Bogdanoff brothers. A few months earlier, Massimo Gargia agreed to go under the radar of questions from Jordan Deluxe.

Massimo Gargia talks about age, sex and nightclubs

Installed in the couch of the animator, the jet-setter confided about his current life and the passing of time. No, old age does not scare him. “Getting old pleases no one, but I live it all the same well, because I continue to live almost the same life as beforeestimated the one who had recourse to botox injections. Massimo Gargia has peace of mind. His life, he fully assumes it. “I do more clubs, I go to bed earlier, I do less sex, sex isn’t like it used to behe confides with a mischievous smile.

His biggest fear? The death

For years, Massimo Gargia rubbed shoulders with the biggest stars. Among his faithful friends, Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of donald trumpactress Gina Lollobrigida (both recently deceased), but also Pamela Anderson, loana or Camilla Crociani, wife of Charles de Bourbon des Deux-Siciles. Always so talkative, the rich octogenarian has offered the presence of the biggest stars at his table. Sometimes you had to pay the million, he revealed before explaining that Rihanna was one of the “more expensive” : between 1 and 1.5 million euros to bring the Barbadian.

If nothing seems to stop Massimo Gargia, there is however something that scares him: death.I try to think about death as little as possible. I don’t believe there is heaven, hell or another life. I think there is nothing left, so it’s very hard to think that one day you can no longer enjoy the flowers, the sea, the beauty of nature. That all is lost.” And when he leaves, the Italian hopes for one thing: to be remembered for his books. The latest, published in 2008, is called The double life. He tells of his passion for women, but also for men. Confidences, like an open book that he doesn’t want to close.

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