What breaking up with Mats did to her

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Cathy Hummels wants to encourage women who are suffering from a breakup.Image: German Select/Gisela Schober/Getty Images


Vera Siebnich

Cathy Hummels has often caused negative reactions on Instagram lately. Critics accused her of not dealing appropriately with sensitive issues. Most recently, a photo of her caused criticism that many thought was edited. Cathy herself has not yet commented on this.

But on Instagram, the moderator is now turning to her fans with an emotional statement. However, it’s not about the fake allegations about her New Year’s Eve picture, but about her separation from Mats Hummels. Last year, Cathy herself confirmed this in an interview. Now she speaks openly about how difficult this time was for her and the frightening consequences it had.

Cathy Hummels: “My body pulled the emergency brake”

Cathy now posted several pictures on Instagram, which she shows together with her son Ludwig. In most of the photos, the presenter laughs happily into the camera and her offspring also grins contentedly. It is all the more surprising that Cathy now speaks openly in her post about how much the past few weeks and months have bothered her. Right at the beginning, Cathy writes:

“To be honest, there were days when I thought I wouldn’t wake up because I was so ‘broke’. My weight kept going down and I had panic attacks at times because I was at a loss.”

Cathy then describes that she continued to lose weight during this time. “My head was so strong, pushed everything away, but my body pulled the emergency brake, showed me: finally mourn and deal with this situation, or I don’t like it anymore,” she explains her reaction to all the stress. With her post, Cathy primarily wants to help women who are in a similar situation. It’s about giving them “encouragement and understanding,” the moderator said in her text.

She also describes how she was often not properly listened to. Instead, she was told “how horrible” she looked, Cathy continued. And she admits: she herself had already noticed that at the time. “I was always with the same person for 14 years. We grew up together. After we separated, there was just this enormous hole,” she explains, explaining the reason for her poor condition at the time.

This is how Cathy’s fans react

Cathy then says very clearly: “Now I’m fine again.” But of course she knows how exhausting the way there was for her. “Give yourself the time you need. Mourn. Digest,” she advises her followers who are going through something similar.

Cathy gets a lot of encouragement from fans and colleagues for her post, and there are many heart emojis under the picture. However, others also criticize it. Some commentators accuse her of using the term “Broken Heart Syndrome” incorrectly. The word actually describes a disease that has similar symptoms to a heart attack and is triggered by great emotional stress. However, loss of appetite and an eating disorder are not part of it, which some also point out.

However, most of her followers have great understanding for Cathy. “Very strong words and I think it’s great that you are making this whole topic about depression and the whole package that goes with it public. I really hope that it will finally be taken seriously. Thank you for walking this path with all those affected go,” writes one user.

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