What could happen to Irina Baeva if she does not return the ring to Gabriel Soto – Nueva Mujer

The gap between Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto seems imminent and the gossip does not stop at social media, before the way in which they have tried to hide that the relationship came to an end for a few months.

Gabriel and Irina They have been one of the most rejected couples in the middle of the show, after their romance occurred in the middle of the actor’s marriage with Geraldine Bazan. For many, the break is about karma before the betrayal of the mother of their children.

In the midst of rumors, some media have assured that the soap opera heartthrob would have asked her for the engagement ring that he gave her in 2020, in the best style of Christian Nodal with Belinda, but she would have refused.

Irina Baeva and the future of her engagement ring

The actress of Russian origin does not have the greatest support from the viewers after being branded a “homebreaker” for falling in love with a married man, for which her reputation, like that of Gabriel not the best.

Now Baeva he refuses to give up the ring as Belinda would have done and the truth is that she is free to decide whether or not to keep it, but the rejection and cancellation by the viewers is still in spate.

The also model continues to show off the jewel like never before and many ask her to have dignity and reveal the truth of the state of your Romance.

“You are not ashamed to continue pretending”, “Hand over the ring”, “Finish saying that you finished with Gabriel”, “Karma exists and they are living it”, are some of the comments.

After going back to Mexico After a long journey through various countries as Russia, New York and QatarIrina left Mexico again, to fly to the big Apple to continue her acting studies.