What did Carolina Cruz look like when she was a child?

Carolina Cruz is still active on her Instagram account and posted a photo of her as a child, which generated hundreds of comments from friends and followers. “Nice to meet you, I present to you the girl who lives on in me”, wrote the presenter of Day to day in the post.

“Hermochaaaaa,” her set partner told her on the Caracol Television program Carolina Soto. Andrea Serna, presenter of the Challenge He also wrote her a message after the publication of the photograph, “Oh, what a beautiful ‘coshita’.”

Other users also wrote to Carolina Cruz and compared the image with their children. “Matthias’s eyes. What a beauty”; “Matías is your portrait. Salvador (looks like) daddy”; “Salvador’s mischievous eyes.”

The image was published this Saturday, April 9 and It already has more than 18,000 likes and about 450 comments on Carolina Cruz’s accountwho has seven million followers on the social network Instagram.

Carolina Cruz let off steam and revealed who is helping her get over the breakup with Lincoln

Carolina Cruz, who is currently one of the most recognized presenters in Colombia, surprised all her followers a few days ago by announcing that she officially separated from Lincoln Palomeque, after more than ten years of romantic relationship.

Carolina Cruz, in the same way, enabled this week the question box in her Instagram stories to interact a little with her followers, who asked her how she was after finishing with Cucuteño.

Faced with these concerns, the Cali model accepted that they have not been easy days and that she has clung to God enough to move on with her life. Likewise, she pointed out that her children have been fundamental in this process.

The Caracol Televisión presenter also took advantage of the moment to point out that for a few months she decided to seek professional help and revealed that she currently has two psychologists, who have helped her a lot.

“I have been very well accompanied by God and my children. In addition, I have two psychologists who have been helping me throughout this year to honestly heal from love, gratitude and understanding”initially stated.

Later, he added: “I think that when I handed over the helm to God, of my situations, and when I began to listen to him with love and honesty, I learned to be calm in my soul. I believe that everything is easier if one heals from love and respect”.

The presenter also reposted a reflection on life as a couple and separation. Said message was shared by an Instagram account, called @unprogramademamá, in which they publish daily phrases and images alluding to family life. In fact, it is not the first time that Carolina Cruz has shared publications on this page.

“One day we get married, we form a family, we are happy for a few years (…) and suddenly everything changes, without realizing it, love ends. And then people murmur, they judge you and in the end they sentence: ‘They failed in their marriage’, and it’s not true”, says the text.

“Failure is playing at being ‘the happy family’. Failure is cheating on your partner, your children and yourself (…). To fail is to stay for convenience. Failure is manipulating your partner with children. To fail is to live a gray life,” the post says. He also notes: “Failure is not coming home happy every night. Failure is begging for the love of those who no longer love you. Failure is pretending to love. To fail is to stay for fear of loneliness. Failure is living with someone for fear of ‘what they will say’. Failure is not fighting to be happy. To fail is to believe that love does not exist.