what did he say about insinuations of women and how they disarm him

The ‘Father Torvic’, whose real name is Víctor Hugo Gaviria, is a priest who during his participation in the ‘Challenge’ starred in particular moments that did not go unnoticed.

Some of these situations, which even led to questions from other contestants, served to be remembered by viewers, despite his recent elimination.

For this reason, outside the Canal Caracol contest, he has exposed multiple facets, such as that of a passion that he has apart from his religious life and even how he has been the target of insinuations by some women.

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Priest of the ‘Challenge’: what did he say about insinuations of women

‘Father Torvic’ recounted in an interview with the entertainment program ‘La red’, on Canal Caracol, how the flirtations he has had to flee because of his vocation as a priest have been.

“There are some who have told me up front: ‘Father, I really like you.’ So I’m like unarmed. It makes me laugh nervously and I [digo]: ‘Thank you’, but they disarm me”, he indicated.

The priest acknowledged that he has had several of these situations and explained, laughing, that despite how they provoke a reaction from him, he is clear about his vocation as a religious.

“They destabilize you with the fact that you are flirted with. There are very pretty girls, too many, who sometimes flirt with me. That is where one comes to face temptation,” she explained.

Gaviria affirmed that he has managed to face this with prayer and sports, because thanks to the latter he can control the libido he may have. He even warned that there are women who have gone to a higher level in his insinuations.

“I have girls who write to me and there are some who send me their private parts,” he said, adding that he does not answer so as not to make her feel bad, but that he understands that he cannot establish an additional conversation with that person, unless it is for “a serious matter.”

The now priest recalled that, before taking the robes, he was close to women and even kissed some, but never entered into a romantic relationship.

This was the complete interview in which the religious was uncovered about the situations in which women have expressed interest in conquering him despite his role in Catholicism.