“What do you do if you lose?” : Emmanuel Macron says more about his future after the Elysée

During his conference this Thursday, March 17, organized in the Paris region around his program, Emmanuel Macron revealed what he would do if he was not re-elected for a second presidential term next April.

This Thursday, March 17, Emmanuel Macron was in Aubervilliers, in Seine-Saint-Denis, to to unveil, at a press conferencethe different axes of its program, if he is re-elected for a second term next April. During the long question-and-answer session with the journalists, the President of the Republic agreed to talk about the possibility that he loses the upcoming election. Without beating around the bush, the Head of State also mentioned the possibility of stopping politics one day.

“It’s not coquetry to tell you that I haven’t really asked myself the question”, he first launched, as reported by our colleagues from CNewsbefore specifying that he was “asked the important question of what[‘il] wanted[t] really do for the next five years”. “It’s a sufficiently demanding mandate to say: ‘we have to do things differently’, […] ‘How do you succeed at what you failed?’ […] Don’t let go, don’t get used to it, don’t fall asleep, don’t sit down”, developed Emmanuel Macron, who is visibly trying to question himself. Be that as it may, if he decides to abandon the exercise of power, and even the middle of politics in the future, in general, the current President already knows what he will do, broadly.

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Angela Merkel, a possible source of inspiration?

“I will come back free. I will give myself first to my people, and I will take the time to think about the question”affirmed the Head of State, who gave the example of Angela Merkel, whom he describes as his “friend”. According to Emmanuel Macron, the former German Chancellor “took a wise approach” leaving the government. “She said, ‘I’m going to do something completely different for four or six months, stop and think'”reported the President, who believes that “that’s what you have to do when you leave your job”, to know “not committing to say that we will never do again, or that we will do this or that”but rather focus on what you want, in the moment.

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